Senior Selection Policies 

1. First X1 players who miss a game will have to recommence in the second X1 or below, however, the first X1 captain may allow the player to resume back in the first X1 if the reason for missing is deemed unavoidable and the player has a proven record of training and playing commitment. Players in all other grades are able to recommence in the same grade after an absence however the captain is under no obligation to reselect the player in that grade.

2. All players from the 1st XI to the 4th XI are expected to train at least one night per week to be eligible for selection except if they have advised the coach (prior to training) of their unavailability due to other commitments.

3. Any player who is selected in any grade but pulls out prior to the commencement of the game will be the last player selected in any grade for the following round. If there are enough players to fill all grades then the player will not be selected at all. The selection committee (at their discretion) may decide not to invoke this rule if there is an unavoidable event that has occurred which causes the player to pull out of their selected team.

4. No player from any grade can be dropped more than 1 grade unless they are returning from an absence.

Player Responsibilities:

  • It is the duty of each player to make certain their unavailability is communicated to the selectors. A player is assumed to be available unless he has filled out the Unavailability List either at the clubrooms or on the club’s website. As a courtesy it is expected that the player also informs the captain of the side in which he played his previous game.
  • Should a player pull out between selection and game day, the player must contact the captain of the side he was selected in.
  • Each player must be prepared to play in the grade they are selected. Due care will be taken by the captains to ensure that each player is selected for a grade appropriate to their abilities.
  • There is a general expectation that on selection night players will remain at the clubrooms until the teams have been read out. This not only promotes team-building but allows the captains to take players aside to discuss their selection before the teams are announced.