CHCC 3-year Strategic Plan endorsed.
Date of Event : Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:51PM

The 3-year strategic plan outlines the purpose, vision and set of strategic themes for our club. It is the culmination of significant work by club members and the committee over the course of a couple of years, led by our President Scott Mills.

The following is an excerpt from the plan. For more details contact the club administration.


Clifton Hill Cricket Club

Strategic and Operational Plan

1 July 2017 – 30 June 2022

Introduction and overview 

This strategic plan updates Clifton Hill Cricket Club’s strategic direction for the five year period commencing 1 July 2017 through to 30 June 2022. This plan highlights a desire to capitalise on the strong membership within our club by improving our performance both on and off the field. Another key focus of this plan is to improve our clubs operation to become a more integral part our local community.

About Our Club 

The Clifton Hill Cricket Club was established in 1967. Our home ground and club rooms are located at Ramsden Street Reserve in Clifton Hill and have been for most of the clubs 50 years of existence. Our club is located within the City of Yarra and competes in the Eastern Cricket Association (ECA), the largest cricket association in Melbourne. 


We have consolidated our position as a popular sporting destination for junior and senior cricketers from within our local community and beyond. 


Past performance 

On field 

The Clifton Hill Cricket Club has achieved 15 senior premierships in its 50 years; however we are yet to win a first eleven premiership in the highest grade.  


We have also achieved 10 junior premierships, all of which were accomplished in the past 10 seasons. 


Off field 

Our club has returned profits for the majority of our last ten seasons. This ensures that we are well placed to act on strategic opportunities to ensure our future sustainability.


Current position 

On field 

We currently field 6 senior teams for the 2016/17 season. Our first team once again are competing in the highest division (MacGibbon Shield). Also, our second team has been competitive of recent years and has bridged the grade gap between them and our first team. This allows for a more successful transition for players being promoted to our first team.


Junior membership remains strong and we are currently fielding eight under aged teams including two junior girls sides.


Once again, a significant number of juniors are competing in our senior teams. By virtue of this, our senior teams have the lowest average age in our recent history. This will aid the club’s sustainability over the short to mid-term.


Off field 

Our current financial situation is sound. We are well placed to take advantage of strategic opportunities that may arise that support our clubs long term sustainability.


Member Demographics

At the commencement of the 2016/17 season, the Clifton Hill Cricket Club had 246 members.


Member type

Total members in category

Number that are City of Yarra residents

% of members that are city of Yarra residents










Our Community 


As at 30 June 2015, there were 89,151 people living in the City of Yarra within almost 34,000 households. The City of Yarra incorporates the suburbs of Abbotsford, Burnley, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Cremorne, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy, North Carlton, Princes Hill, Richmond and parts of Fairfield and Alphington.




Between 2017 and 2036, it is estimated that the population will increase by around 30% to 117,000. In Clifton Hill however, the population is only expected to increase by around 4.8% to a total of 6,505 residents during the same period. 

There are many high income residents in the City of Yarra who have disposable incomes that allow them to pay for affiliation/membership/participation fees but at the same time there is also a large proportion of low income, disadvantaged residents. Our club understands its responsibility to be able to meet the sporting needs of residents with high and low income levels. 




Purpose Statement 


To provide a healthy, safe and friendly environment for all members to enjoy playing the game of cricket.


Our purpose statement remains unchanged from previous strategic plans. We believe that the most important role we play in our community is to provide an environment where people can play cricket at a level that suits their ability and where they can all contribute to being part of a team sport. For many, the social interaction provides them with a valuable outlet required to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 


Through on-field success and social inclusion we will become the cricket club of choice for local residents and, in particular, the local youth of our community.


Our vision statement also remains unchanged from our previous strategic plan. We continue to aspire toward being the club chosen by senior and junior cricketers in our local community. 


We believe that we will achieve this vision by developing regular on-field success and maintaining our friendly and inviting social environment. The strategic initiatives detailed in this plan provide the catalyst for our success.


Strategic themes 


This strategic plan is underpinned by four major strategic themes. These four themes have been identified as the key planks for successful achievement of our clubs vision.


1. Junior/Youth Development

2. Develop footprint in our local community 

3. On Field Success 

4. Streamlined administration


1. Junior/Youth development 

Our aim is to create pathways for young cricketers who demonstrate high levels of talent while ensuring that those who play cricket purely for social purposes can do so in an enjoyable and healthy way. We have a large compliment of junior cricketers and the enjoyment for most of them is based on continual improvement regardless of their individual ability. During this plan period we aim to provide the environment and support structures to enable each young cricketer to achieve their individual goals.  This includes fielding a women’s team to facilitate a pathway for junior girls to continue to play cricket.




2. Develop footprint within our local community 

Our club is privileged to be an integral part of the Yarra Community. With a membership of 246 our reach extends. It is important that we continue to create opportunities to engage with those within our local community. Our community is made up of many affluent people however there are also many who are under privileged. It is our aim to support those who need assistance and to remove the barriers so that these people are able to benefit from all that our club has to offer. Furthermore, we want to be more than just a cricket club. Our desire is to create a diverse and socially inclusive environment for other sporting and social activities. This plan focuses on the commencement of this initiative.


 3. On-field Success

On field success enables a club to attract future members which is an important element for long term stability. It is also a key measure of enjoyment for many, if not most, participants. Although we have had our share of on-field success through various grades and at junior level we are yet to achieve an “A” Grade premiership which is a mark of a successful club. To achieve success we need to ensure that we provide the right coaching and mentoring for players and to continually look to attract high calibre cricketers. This plan aims to target key activities required for us to successful on-field.


4. Streamlined Administration

Over the past decade the club has prospered due to increasing membership as a result of changing demographics within our local community and successful administration. This will enable us to be able to drive the initiatives within this strategic plan. A major focus is to develop streamlined and robust processes to improve our capability to run our club seamlessly.








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