Round 3 brings 3 wins
Date of Event : Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:50PM
Spud of the day, Eamonn Scott

4th XI

Jonesy's men travelled to Hawthorn, and had an early finish of the good variety. Having lost the toss and being put in the field, Geoff Smith (2/15) and Mitchy Challis (2/9) did the early damage. This paved the way for Harry Robinson (3/1) and Zac Hancock (3/20 ft. a hat-trick) to clean up the rest.

Chasing a meagre 45, Jonesy was afforded the luxury of shuffling the batting order. This is the only reasonable explanation for one Ed Chiroiu batting at 4. Despite the nosebleed stake for ETAC, he mustered 11* to go with his earlier catch, in what must be his finest hour on the field for the hill.

A swift 7 wicket win allowed most blokes to get back to Rammo and enjoy the cric..., well enjoy the refreshments anyway.

Chicken to Robbo. Zac arrived later to a heroes welcome, having heard the news of winning the Tom Bellis.

3rd XI

St Paul's were the visitors at Fairlea, who were invited to field having lost the toss. Opening up, J Ho didn't trouble the scorers. The score ticked through to 1/40, but a flurry of wickets soon made it 4/43. Enter Spock (40) and Harro (34), who added 62 together. Their good work was backed up by Dave Sheehan (35) and Benny Levens (20), seeing us through to 9/187 at the close.

Frog made the only early breakthrough, as the other St. Pauls opener passed 50 and the score moved to 1/82. Again, enter Harro, who removed the danger man. Wickets began to fall at regular intervals, with all of the bowlers getting in on the act. One each for Tangles, Fin Ward and Ben Lev, but it was Frog (3/32) and Harro (4/29) who were the main protagonists.

The margin was 41 runs, and the captain fed himself a chicken!

2nd XI

The 2s travelled to Romanis Reserve, another quality venue, to take on Toorak. The hosts won the toss and had a bat. They were plain sailing until 0/48 became 3/49. Now in control of the game, wickets fell at a steady rate until the innings closed on 133 all out. The wickets were shared around; veteran Monty (2/26), youngster Dane Harvey (2/13), and Jakey 'Nugget' Castelow (3/33) did the bulk of the damage.

Openers Entwisle and LOC both perished for single figures. The ship was steadied by Wortho and Peakey, both of whom made 28. The pair enjoyed what were later described as left arm throw downs from the Toorak import. DOC (40*) and Dane (13*) were left to finish the match, and did so with 6 overs to spare and 6 wickets in hand.

Dane was awarded the chicken by captain Parlane, who was also heard to say that he would've had a bowl had he won the toss. This unfortunate comment has left a grey cloud over his leadership, on an otherwise very successful afternoon.

5th XI

Billy ABC's match report focused on the main positive element of the 5ths day - the troops were well fed and all enjoyed their succulent pork rolls. Outside of that, Paul Hodge made a resilient 20, and Craig marked his return season with 32*. Monash proved more than a match, as our 98 all out was tracked down in the 16th over without the loss of any wickets.

Craig wins the chicken, and a promotion in the batting order.

1st XI

Toorak were the visitors at Rammo. Captain Scott won the toss and elected to bat, before starting the innings with the in form Harry. Looking to repeat his heroics from last week, he set about hitting two sumptuous drives in the first over, both finding the fence. Alas, that was all she wrote for Big Phil, as he was caught in the off side for 8. Then the skipper went BANG! And again, and again. One of his lusty blows lodged in a tree on Field St. One pull shot too many saw him fall for 28, the score now 2/37 from 5. Cottsy (33) and Ben Cap (30) put on 73 before falling in quick succession to a cut shot off he who shall not be named, and a run out whilst backing up. Enter 'Sober Jim' Bluer; whose natural shot making was something to behold. He turned momentum back in our favour, taking on the slow left armers of Lord Voldemort both down the ground and over mid-wicket. He ended 45*, supported by cameos from Chegs (17) and The Goldman (17*).

5/193 could've, and probably should've, been a winning score. The pick of the bowlers was Jim Wright (0/24), who bowled his allotment off the reel into the wind. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee weren't forced to take any unnecessary risks, as they scored at will off the short balls provided; much to the disapproval of the two Rob's on commentary. Without a clear 5th bowling option, and the lack of an early breakthrough, our backs were against the wall. Both brothers gave one chance, the first of which at cover with the score around 65. Both chances were squandered, and the game fizzled out as a contest. Consolation wickets fell on 157 and 169, one each to Cottsy and Bluer.

Sober Jim took the chicken. We look to bounce back next week, when we welcome Trinity Willison to Rammo.

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