The Preseason Challenge
Date of Event Clifton Hill Cricket Club: Mon Aug 31, 2020 12:44PM

The season is drawing closer, and given this is a time when we would usually be ramping up our preseason, it’s the perfect time to begin a CHCC challenge to make sure that we are in good shape come the time to begin! The Challenge is open to everyone and although its not compulsory, the more teams we get on board the better it will be! You can also participate individually. Whether you play in the men’s or women’s teams, the 1s or 5s we can all participate and make this as good as it can be! The challenge will begin next Saturday the 5th of September and conclude on Saturday the 3rd of October – the day the senior men’s were meant to start their season! The winning team and winning individual will both receive a prize for their efforts! The instructions to join the challenge are as follows:

  1. Form a team of 3 (this can be any combination of 3 players from any team) or if you prefer to enter individually skip to step 2!

  2. Notify the committee of your team members before September 5th either by posting on the players and members Facebook Group or emailing

  3. Download the app Mapmyrun and add ‘Ben Caplikas’. You will then be added to the challenge

  4. Record you runs or walks using the app

  5. The team with the most kms recorded by e.o.d 3rd October wins a prize

  6. A weekly leaderboard will be posted on the Website, Instagram and Facebook!

The prize pool will be announced next Saturday the 5th!


Direct any queries to Ben Caplikas

P.S we aren't suggesting you exercise together - please exercise individually whilst in lockdown!

Last updated: Monday August 31, 2020 12:44PM
Author: Bencap